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Co do "starożytnych Kabylów", "identycznych" z rasą nordycką, brytyjscy etnografowie ujmują to w ten sposób: Beautiful Moras? I should hope there ARE some, given the thousands upon thousands of European girls the bastards stole, half-starved and beat into submission, raped, and often tortured into conversion to their foul religion, or to death. Girls from Iberia, Italy, France, Britain, even ICELAND were kidnapped by the corsairs and taken away to be the rape-fantasy of some filthy North African. Not to mention the never-ending stream of Slavic captives flowing through the Bosphorus. Children in the thousands must have been produced and added to the Moorish genepool. That genes occasionally recombine by chance and produce a pleasing result is but a sad reminder of the centuries of misery these girls went through. Qduaty (dyskusja) 06:39, 29 lip 2012 (CEST)