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Régis is not Robert[edytuj kod]

(sorry to not write in polish...)

Be careful : there are 2 differents jumpers, Régis and Robert. Régis was in Oslo and Cortina, but it was Robert who jump at Squaw Valley. The problem comes from a confusion in websites, here and here. There is a french website about French National Team, it clear that the 2 brothers was not in the team in same years : http://www.championsdeski.com/aisf/equipes . And I know the 2 men, I will provide pictures soon. Thanks. --Manuguf (dyskusja) 16:32, 22 lut 2014 (CET)

edit : --Manuguf (dyskusja) 19:10, 23 lut 2014 (CET)