Sonnets and Other Poems (tomik Williama Lisle’a Bowlesa)

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Sonnets and Other Poems – tomik wierszy angielskiego duchownego i poety Williama Lisle’a Bowlesa (1762–1850)[1][2][3], opublikowany w Londynie w 1898. Zbiorek zawiera sonety i inne utwory, w tym poemat Hope, an Allegorical Sketch. W zbiorze znalazł się także wiersz On Shakespeare. Sonety Bowlesa były wysoko cenione przez Samuela Taylora Coleridge’a[4]. Ten sonet realizuje schemat barnfieldowski (abba cddc effe gg[5]).

As slow I climb the cliff's ascending side,
Much musing on the track of terror past,
When o'er the dark wave rode the howling blast,
Pleas'd I look back and view the tranquil tide
That laves the pebbled shore: and now the beam
Of ev'ning smiles on the grey battlement,
And yon forsaken tow'r that Time has rent:—
The lifted oar far off with silver gleam
Is touch'd, and hush'd is all the billowy deep!
Sooth'd by the scene, thus on tir'd Nature's breast
A stillness slowly steals, and kindred rest;
While sea-sounds lull her, as she sinks to sleep,
Like melodies which mourn upon the lyre,
Wak'd by the breeze, and, as they mourn, expire.
(Sonnet I. Written at Tinemouth, Northumberland. After a Tempestuous Voyage)

W przytoczonym powyżej sonecie można zaobserwować rozbudowaną aliterację: Sooth'd by the scene, thus on tir'd Nature's breast/A stillness slowly steals, and kindred rest;/While sea-sounds lull her, as she sinks to sleep.

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