Sonnets of the Great Peace

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Sonnets of the Great Peace – cykl liryczny amerykańskiej poetki Helen Gray Cone[1], opublikowany w tomiku The Coat without a Seam, and Other Poems, wydanym około 1919. Składające się na cykl utwory, w liczbie pięciu, rymują się zgodnie z modelem sonetu szekspirowskiego abab cdcd efef gg[2][3][4]. Są napisane pentametrem jambicznym[5].

What boon is this, this fresh and crystal thing,
Perfect as snow, dropped from the deep of the sky
This healing, shed as from the soft swift wing
Of some great mystical bird low-sweeping by?
This music suddenly thrilling through the mind
Angelic unimagined ecstasy,
As when warm fingers of the Spring unbind
Young brooks that laugh and leap, at last being free?
By what white magic, what unfathomed art,
Was this best gift secretly perfected,
This amulet, that laid against the heart
Melts all the icy weight that held it dead?
This is that Peace we had and did not know;
This is that Peace we lost how long ago!

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